Jul 25, 2010

Farewell to Aunt Connie

I have just spent a great few days with my family from America. Cousin Barbara and her daughter Susan stayed with us in the vicarage. Barbara, never stopped talking which was most impressive! Cousin Tony, his wife Monica and children Aaron and Noel stayed in a nearby hotel and we saw them quite a bit. My children really loved getting to know their relatives and would love to visit them. It was fantastic for us to be together, there really is something special about families getting together, especially after a long time. The sad part was that Aunt Connie had died in the USA just a week before the planned visit. We flew her over and had a fitting funeral in Saltwell Cemetery, a place she loved. The casket was very impressive as you can see.
RIP Aunt Connie.

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Lorna said...

beautiful coffin