Aug 9, 2010

Sitcom or reality?

Yesterday I found myself in a church that so much resembled the one in sitcom 'Rev', in central London, I needed to take a photo so that I could check later it wasn't all a dream. This is the church in Sheildfield on the edge of the city centre of Newcastle.This is the Church

This is the congregation. 8 people and Alison the designated deacon at the back.

The congregation were really lovely and gave me tea and jaffacakes after the service. They were all happy to be have their photo on the internet. It was made all the more surreal as I had listened to me and Gill (Wife) being interviewed on local radio as I drove to Christ Church, about the TV sitcom Rev. Throughout the service I was expecting the archdeacon to come in through the doors at the end of the nave and complain about my radio broadcast.
It really is a great job being a vicar!

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