Jul 3, 2010

This really is the last bit of the jigsaw - isn't it?

Seeing the fire engine go past the top of my drive was disturbing simply because of the memories of 4 years ago and our church fire. Recieving a call 5 minutes later to say there is a fire at the church almost stopped my heart beating. But it was great news. It was only the fence that was on fire. 1.00pm in the afternoon, baking hot sun on a pile of rubbish cleared from the churchyard including old carpet and glass. The fire officers thought it could have simply burst into flame with the heat of the sun. Knowing that people throw their rubbish into the churchyard when there is a council tip in Newburn is one of the fascinating quirks of humanity.

Its over four years and as many millions of £'s since the fire and we are nearly put back. As you can see Ken is praying that the painting will be ready for early August installation. It's looking good and I can't wait to have it complete.

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