Jun 7, 2009

Come and play the chopping game

I have been lucky enough to have some logs delivered to the vicarage following some tree felling the the churchyard. It's good because come the cold autumn and winter nights it will provide free fuel and smell good as it burns. The bad news is that it requires splitting into burnable size bits and it's hard work. I have been setting it up as a bit of a game among the family. The boys are keen to show who can split the logs with the least number of blows, but even my wife and daughter are getting in on the act. The trouble is they have cottoned on to the fact that I am using them to chop the wood and so I now need more volunteers to come and join the fun. Let me know when you would like to try your arm! Daughter Roz showing a natural ability to split a log in one go.

Wife Gill, showing a natural ability not to split a log in one go!!
This is a tattoo Roz is sporting on the small of her back. I think it looks very good, if somewhat resembling a dapper French gentleman!

This is one of the dinosaurs Grace and me saw at the new Handcock last week. Gggrrrrr!

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Nicky said...

Greetings from Staffordshire. Thanks for this humourous entry. Have a blessed week. Nicky and family.