Jun 3, 2009

Dinosaur Bones

The eight chickens who share our life at the vicarage are a real friendly bunch. They love it when Grace lets them roam free in the garden. They have never come face to face with Archie, the bull terrier, which gives them a very relaxed and laid back outlook on life. They are happy to be stroked and chased by Grace and will readily eat from her hand. They lay eggs on a regular basis and all in all have a good life.

Gill feeds them and gives them clean water every morning before she leaves for school just after 7.30am. I am thinking of taking on this duty as her school is due to be inspected next week and she is working even more than usual. (Which is a lot!) On Friday me and John took ourselves off to Grasemere and spent a few days walking in the lakes which was very relaxing, if somewhat exhausting with the heat and heavy rucksacks. I have decided that carrying big packs and walking long distances or climbing steep hills should not be done simultaneously, so lets see how long I manage to stick to my new resolution.
I think I need to spend more time with Gill and Grace and the chickens once OFSTEAD is over and I have returned from working in Lincoln (on mission) which I am doing a few days next week.

Today Gill has heard she has finished paying back her student loan! which is good news, if a bit disturbing as she has been teaching for over 10 years! I think we are planning to go out and celebrate but we can't discuss it until after the inspection. Tomorrow I am planning to take Grace to the new Hancock museum, as she tells me she wants to see dinosaur bones! I hope they have got some.

Newcastle didn't win as I predicted, so I hope I have better luck with my plan to spend a little less time working and a little more with the family. I have certainly managed it this week.

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