Jun 18, 2009

Another fire

I have been working in Lincoln for a few days with a group of men from the TFM (Through Faith Missions) organisation. The men walked from the Humber bridge to Lincoln Cathedral taking the gospel message in various ways to local communities as they were invited by the churches on route. I joined the group once most of the walking had been done, which was a good move on my part. I came across a church on the St Giles estate which had been destroyed by fire about two years ago. I could not resist taking the before and after photograph. You can see the transition is fantastic. The people in the church still talk about their horror when they saw their church on fire. We could start a group for people who have been traumatised by losing their church in fire. Back home now and pleased to be here. I have a meeting this morning with the alarm company, so hopefully that will be one part of our restoration completed.

The group - Left to Right. Me, Peter, Rick, Kevin, David & John

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