Jan 5, 2009

Nice photo of Gill and Grace

It was snowing in the night so everywhere around has a sprinkling of white which makes the place look lovely. Archie was pleased to be back in the vicarage after his early morning walk in the snow while it was still dark. No one turned up for Morning Prayer this morning which means I was able to enjoy a few moments alone in St Mary's which I really enjoy. There is something special about being in a holy place alone with God. I like noise and hustle and bustle as well but quiet now and again is good. I am about to take Dan to hospital to see if his arm is mending as it should. If not he will need an operation to put pins and wires in place. Gill is back to school today so it will be good to get back into a normal routine of working undisturbed. I like it when she is around, but I also like it when she is out most of the day. It must be strange once a couple retire unless they find things to do. That is a long way off for me and Gill but I am sure the next 15 years will fly by. I can hear Daniel getting ready so it's off the hospital for another x-ray.

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