Jan 21, 2009

Swanning about at Swanwick

Swanning about at Swanwick describes the way I would have liked my last few days to have been. The reality is that I was attending a conference at The Hayes Centre in Swanwick on Parish Evangelism. The speakers were Martin and Cesca Cavender and the subject sounded as it if was from Mars. Work, Rest and Play, was the title of the conference which was very good. Thinking about who we are as human beings and the needs we have as God's children to do all three things was really quite refreshing. If I knew how to get photographs from my phone to my PC I would show you some of them. It was good for me to have a bit of time to rest, which I did by sleeping more than I do at home, and to play which I did by climbing the Heights of Abraham which is near the conference centre. The work bit was really laid back, so all in all a good few days. Coming back to loads of messages and mail is the bad thing. Last night was the induction of the Team Rector of Benwell so I have not really had time to sort myself out. Tomorrow is another day. A nice photo of a cross the children of Newburn Primary made for me. It's in The Vicar's Stall at St Micheal's.

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