Dec 12, 2008

Dance the night away

All Smiles at the Parish Hall Christmas Dinner Dance

The only downside of our Parish Hall dinner dance is the way in which it plays havoc with the arthritis! It must be a pain for those around me having to listen to my whining about sore feet and elbows. I know I get sick of hearing myself sometimes. Having said that it was a fantastic night and therapeutic spending a few hours with people happy and relaxed. The photo's are from our table. I can't wait for next year!

Ken and Jen finding a single glass of wine most amusing.

Tom and Craig learning some new steps together - Strictly come dancing watch out!

John & Leanne practicing for their big day in October.

John, Stan and Margaret admiring the empty bottles.

The Home Office - safe in their hands!

Emma & Doris looking forward to the dancing

John & Pam reliving their latest cruise

Ann & John going wild with red wine and tea!