Jul 4, 2008

How are your feet?

This is the most common question I have been asked since returning from the walk. I thought you would like to see some photos of the feet. Sorry if they cause you distress, as you can see I did a little work on them with a needle and thread which works wonders. My feet are now recovered and enjoying doing less. I have started putting the blog entries into a file in chronological order to make it easier for me to write up the walk story using my daily diary. I didn't get much time off yesterday, but I am sure next Thursday will be better.

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Becca said...

Hello The Johns!

Lovely to see your feet, I'm glad to say I have never had to endure anything quite so painful. not even when i dropped a log on my toe and couldn't fit my foot in anything but giant wellies for two weeks. Anyway, just wanted to check in on the blog, well done on finally making it over the line! looks like you got there at the nice part of the day- when we arrived at land's end that day we're were a little soggy! haven't made a donation yet but promise we will asap!! Congratulations!

Becca and Rowan from the campsite in penzance (£75 for 3 nights!!!)