Jun 18, 2008

The Waiting Game

Day 75 - Wednesday 18th June:
The boys set off today in no real hurry, knowing that they only had a relatively short distance to cover (9 - 10 miles). They found what they thought was a deserted, derelict garage where they stopped to make breakfast. On closer inspection, they found that it was not deserted at all but being used for an upholstery business. The owner spotted them and invited them inside for a cup of tea. It seems that people are going to be friendly and hospitable right to the end of this journey. Not a lot else to report today, except that they are staying on a camp site called 'Bone Valley' (which is about a mile outside of Penzance) for the next few days. I thought the name sounded a bit pirate-like, but the boys haven't seen any yet! They intend to have a good look around the local area while they wait for me and Pam to arrive at the weekend. Then we can witness them crossing the finish line, hopefully on Sunday. After all these months of walking, walking and more walking from morning till night, the boys are finding the thought of so many days of inactivity very odd. They're more used to walking than waiting these days.
The site they are staying on has a lounge and some kitchen facilities but the boys still intend to cook on their little stoves beside their tents (happy campers to the last). Chicken in sauce with red pepper, onion and rice was on the menu tonight. The mash must finally be laid to rest!

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