Jun 21, 2008

Gill and Leanne Say 'Goodbye!'

Dear Bloggers,
At last I've reached my final entry. From now on you wont hear any more from Leanne and me, you may only here about us occasionally via John. We've enjoyed keeping you informed on the two Johns' progress but we're ready now to hand you back into the safe hands of John S as soon as he returns and resumes 'normal' life!

Meanwhile. here are the final days...

Day 76 - Thursday 19th June:
As you know, the boys are just waiting to finish now. They went for a bit of a 'recky' to within about half a mile of Lands End today, then got the open top tour bus back. Mind you it wasn't really the weather for it. Rain seems to have set in again. Maybe they are going to finish this walk in the way they started - very wet!!

Day 77 - Friday 20th June:
Had a late start to their morning - John S not feeling too good! Having gone all this way without a day's ill health, he has been feeling sick and dizzy for the last couple of days - hope he's not coming down with the dreaded 'lurgy'! The boys had a bit of a mooch around Penzance today - apparently its the drug capital of the south!! That isn't at all what I'd imagined. Still no sign of pirates, but John S was delighted to find a pub called the Admiral Benbow - Treasure Island being one of his all time favourite books. Perhaps that's where all the pirates hang out. Weather today wet AND cold! Yep, this is all starting to point to a finish in 'British' weather.

Day 78 - Saturday 21st June:
Got a text from John S this morning to say that he is feeling much better. Thank goodness for that. I would have hated anything to interfere with completing that final stretch. Pam and I are going down to meet the boys today. Our train leaves in a couple of hours and we should be with the boys by about 10.00 p.m. tonight. We're all going to stay in a hotel in Penzance for the night and then Pam and I will go and wait for the boys at Land's End tomorrow to photograph that last step across the finish line. I can hardly believe it's nearly over, but I'm so glad that he is coming home. It's been an amazing journey and a tremendous achievement. Pam and I couldn't be more proud of our Johns.

The thoughts of John S will follow in a few days.

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