Jun 17, 2008

A Little Holiday!

Day 74 - Tuesday 17th June:
The boys have really made the most of their time 'off'' on the camp site in Hayle. Last night they went in for a little socialising in the bar on the site. It was there they met the Carr family from the Coventry area. A really nice group of people who impressed the boys with their claim to fame. Apparently, Angela Rippon turned up at the site recently doing a bit of filming about celebrity's child hood holiday memories. It only turns out that the lovely Angela used to regularly holiday in Hayle as a child. The Carrs managed to get chatting to her and had a photo taken with her. The kind Carrs invited the Johns to a delicious breakfast this morning which was a really nice start to the day.
As they were having a day off walking, the boys decided to go on the coastal railway to St Ives for a mooch about. Bearing in mind that they could see St Ives from their pitch, and that it would probably have taken them about half an hour to walk there, they soon remembered the 'down side' of public transport. They actually had to get two trains to reach St Ives (changing after one stop!) and the waiting time for the second train was 10 minutes on the way there and 45 minutes on the way back. Then the actual journey time was on top of that. Shanks' pony is best after all!! Travelling time aside, the boys were most impressed with St Ives and thought it was a very nice little seaside town. They entertained themselves for a while on the sea front, watching the very pushy seagulls. The gulls of St Ives go in for tourist mugging!! The John's were amazed at the number of innocent holiday makers who had their sandwiches snatched from their hands by very cheeky gulls. They saw one lady have her diamond earring wrenched from her ear by a gull at one point - shades of Alfred Hitchcock or what?
Back at the campsite in Hayle, the boys are intending to have a quiet night tonight. They had managed to buy 2 gammon hocks and some sausages from the a cheap bin today which would be their evening feast. Tomorrow they set off for Penzance - a journey of only about 9 miles, which as you know, is nothing for our lads. After that, they wait - for me and Pam to arrive at the weekend and watch them take those final steps that will bring this epic journey to and end. It hardly seems possible that they really are so very close now.

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