Jun 23, 2008

home again

Walking for nearly three months was fantastic, I arrived back in the vicarage last night and it feels really good. As you can imagine there are many tales to tell and I can’t wait to see all those who have followed me on my walk, albeit via the blog. I really have missed friends, parishioners and family and hope to see you soon. I am looking forward to reading the blog as I have heard so much about it from people’s texts which was great. I was delighted when Leanne and Gill said they would update the blog as I know many of you wanted to have updates. I can just manage to get to my computer this morning as my desk is surrounded with piles of mail. I will try and stay away from it until next week when I am back to work, (but I know I won’t be able to leave it alone) I have not unpacked my rucksack yet but after lugging it the length of Brittan I will be pleased not to touch it for a while. (The smell is most interesting) I feel refreshed and rested which is strange after so many strenuous days behind me. Once I have unpacked and downloaded some photos I will post them. I now need to go and get back to normal.

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