Jun 26, 2008

Gradually easing back in

Well, I have managed to get through the mountain of mail and use my desk again. This is a photo of me and John at the end. John has since shaved off his beard, which was a shame as I thought he looked good with it. The other photo is a young man we met at Land’s End as he was setting off for John o’ Groats. (Rather him than me!!) The other photo is Archie who helped me unpack my rucksack. He really did enjoy the smell. I am starting to get back into the frame of mind that will make me able to do parish work again. I don’t have any duties in church this Sunday, so that will help me ease back into things. I thought a trip to the doctor would be good after my walk, working on the assumption that I must be fit after hiking 1200 miles. I was also still having the dizzy turns so I wanted to mention that. Result of seeing the doctor is , ‘High Blood Pressure’ (Bad) ‘Plenty weight loss’ (Good) ‘Dizziness is labyrinthitus’ (Virus of the inner ear - apparently it will just go away). So back next week for more blood pressure checking.

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