May 26, 2008

They're getting wet again!

Day 51 - Sunday 25th May:
For the first time since the boys crossed into England, it rained all day today. Feeling increasingly soggy, they tramped along the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal. They sought an hour's respite from the weather in the Swan pub at Connick and ended the day south of Birmingham and beyond Wolverhampton, by a loch. To cheer themselves up the boys had managed to purchase two hot, ready cooked chickens for their evening meal which they were kept warm in their sleeping bags until they got their camp set up! To add to the general 'down' mood of the day, both boys had to put up makeshift washing lines in their tents to try to dry some of their clothes off. John S has had to drain the fluid from a blister on his sore foot (see previous entry) by pulling a needle and thread through the blister, detaching the needle but leaving the thread trailing from the blister so that the water can escape (an old army method apparently)! He also has a sore eye today, possibly because his contact lenses need to be replaced. He's going to do that tomorrow to see if it helps. Things can only get better.
Day 52 - Monday 26th May:
More rain! But on the up side, John S' eye is much better and his heal is calming down. At lunch time the boys called at the Vine Pub (banks of the Staffordshire and Worcesterhsire Canal) to acquire some lunch and avoid the rain for a while. As they munched their beefburgers, they got into conversation with Barry. He was fascinated to hear the details of their walk and really wished he could do something similar himself. He very generously gave them an on the spot donation of £100 for the Adventure Holidays charity! Thanks Barry that was really kind, you brightened the day of two very wet blokes. They ended the day at Cookley (a little north of Kidderminster). The owner of the Cock pub has let them put up their tents in the garden of the tearoom he owns. I told you things would get better. Now we just need the rain to stop.

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