May 28, 2008

A Prickley Situation!

Day 53 - 27th May:
At last the rain has stopped! Sadly now everything is soaking wet. When you're walking in the rain the effects last for days beyond the actual rainfall. Never mind the boys press on undaunted. They are now following the Severn Way, which perhaps not surprisingly is in close proximity to the River Severn. John S though that it perhaps should be remained the 'Nettle Way' as, at times the boys have been literally up to the neck in nettles! Hope they find lots of dock leaves. Events of the day include meeting some people on the biggest boat they have seen yet and going on board for tea and a tour. John S thought it reminded him of the boats on the 'Deadliest Catch'!!! Hmmm. They also struck lucky when they met the manager of the Kidderminster Sainsburys. He very generously gave them a free big Sainsburys style breakfast and said he would organise the staff to give on line to the charity. Thanks very much Sainsburys. Tonight they are staying on a campsite at Holt, belonging to the Wharf Inn. More free camping, thanks to owner Billy.

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