May 25, 2008

How can two people eat so much rice?!!

Here's the next exciting episode! love Gill
Day 49 - Friday 23rd May:
The boys are still following the canals of the midlands. They came to a long tunnel today (about 3/4 of a mile) with no access for pedestrians, so had to make a detour over the top of the tunnel. Fortunately the tunnel keepers at either end were friendly and both invited the boys into their lodge for a cup of tea. The amount of people who seem to take pity on the boys and invite them in for refreshments amazes me! Their way took them through Stoke and they ended the day at a place called Stone. John and Flo, some more of the 'boat people' who have befriended the Johns, invited the boys to camp on their mooring in the boat yard there. Final update on the Jet Boil saga is that it is now 'completely knackered' (quote from John S there), so the rest of their cooking will have to been done on the other stove they carry. John S' boots are also nearly worn out now; he's planning to buy some new ones when the opportunity arises.
Evening meal today comprised of all the usual ingredients: mince, onion, mushroom, curry powder and (of course) rice.
Day 50 - Saturday 24th May:
The boys were under way bright and early this morning - an 8.00 a.m. start. They are beyond Stafford now. They followed the Shropshire Canal today and ended at Pentridge near to Wolverhampton. They enjoyed a pasty and a pint for lunch by a loch. John S has developed a sore heal. This is the only problem they have had with feet during the journey so far. John thinks it has been caused by the uneven wear of his walking boots. The need to replace them is getting quite urgent. Evening meal was an 'eat in' affair (in tent that is). The boys were so hungry that they decided to push the boat out and have two tins of Bacon Grill, accompanied by beans, an onion and (just for a change) rice!!!

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