May 10, 2008

The Kindness Continues

Day 36 - Saturday 10th May:
After a very hot and tiring day following the Penine Way, the two Johns came to the Elks Head Pub, on the A686 north of Alston. They went inside to ask if the pub had any land on which they could put their tents for the night. Unfortunately they didn't, but the kind licensees, Nevil and Linda, took pity on the boys and offered them a very comfortable, free room for the night and the promise of breakfast in the morning. How nice of them! Once unpacked, the boys rang their families and the message went out that they were within easy driving distance. It was not very long before a sizable collection of theirs friends and relatives, from the Newcastle area, had descended on the Elks Head for a reunion and to sample some tasty choices from the bar menu. A lovely evening was had by all. The boys press on tomorrow to Alston and beyond.

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