May 9, 2008

A Taste of Home

Day 35- Friday 9th May:
After a rather restless night in rural Bellingham, (all the nocturnal animal noises kept our two townies awake!) the boys rose to another lovely morning. They promptly made their way to the lovely Noreen's for a delicious breakfast of Crunchy Nut Flakes, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, beans and toast. These lads are getting very spoiled while they're on this walk, I hope they don't expect this treatment when they get back!! That fine feast certainly set them up for the day and at nine they met Amanda (see yesterday's entry) to set out on their day's travels. Amanda's company was certainly very welcome bringing as it did a reminder and news of home. At lunch time, when Amanda produced one of her Auntie Nora's legendary corned beef pies the boys' joy was complete!! After lunch they carried on (whilst working on their tans) to Housesteads Fort; Amanda's family were waiting to give her a ride home and more greetings were exchanged. The boys are camping tonight just outside the fort grounds and will press on tomorrow, following the Penine Way.

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