May 11, 2008

Day 37- Sunday 11th May:
Sorry, no update. Due to no phone reception I was unable to talk to the boys today. That proprably means they are in a particularly hilly part of the Penines. Hopefully there will be news tomorrow.

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Keith said...

To supplement the blog in lieu of official communication with the A Team, I can provide some information about Sunday 11 May. We (The Day Sherpas - Keith, Sheila & Christopher Watson)caught up with the Johns about 10.00 am approximately 1.5 miles south of the Elk's Head. The massive packs then went into the car to be taken to Alston. The walking party (now numbering 5)made a brisk pace towards Alston taking note of points of interest on the way - for example, an arm chair and television which had been discarded by the roadside. Unfortunately, the television did not work !! After arrival at Alston station car park, the Sherpas took control of the packs and duely carried them (all uphill !!) to the Turk's Head public house in Alstom market square. After a well earned break, the Johns went to the CO-OP (3.00pm) to stock up on supplies. The Sherpas then left leaving the Johns to rejoin the Pennine Way and cover a few more miles before camping. Photographs were taken as we entered Cumbria, hopefully they will be included in the official blo account.