May 22, 2008

Thanks for your update Leanne, I really enjoyed reading it. Gill xx

Day 47 - Wednesday 21st May:
Quite a quiet day today by walk standards; the boys have been following the Macclesfield canal. They had quite an interesting meeting with Tim and his neighbours Roy and Melanie who are all part of a growing alternative lifestyle community, they live full time on house boats on the canal. Over tea they offered to arrange for the boys to stay on the land of a friend of theirs (Ruth) at the end of tomorrows walk. How kind! At the end of the day the Johns made camp in a field at Boxton, just south of Macclesfield. They were delighted to see the Fools Nook pub near by and enjoyed Feta Salad, followed by Lamb Shank for dinner, all washed down with Long John Silver ale. A good day.
Day 48 - Thursday 22nd May:
Onwards along the canal today. They boys seem to be getting into the habit of having tea with someone on a boat every day at the minute! Today they met a group of nice people who introduced themselves as Christians. They were invited on board for tea and given a kind donation to the walk fund. They made it to the rendezvous with Ruth who made them very welcome and made them tea too. I hope they're not getting too used to having their cups of tea made for them all the time. That will all have to stop when they come home!! Ruth's place is at Kidsgrove, by the way; about 1 mile from Stoke.

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