May 12, 2008

Goodbye Northumberland, Hello Teesdale!

Day 38 - Monday 12th May:
Better phone reception today - so first, news of yesterday. The boys had a good day and enjoyed the company of John Ds brother in law and sister in law, Keith & Sheila and nephew Chris who joined them from the Elks Head to Alston. Then it was refreshments all round before Keith, Shela and Chris headed home and the boys carried on until they reached Garrigill (beside one of the sources of the Tyne). A day of good weather was followed by a thunder and lightening storm during the night.
Today they continued on to higher ground. The weather was fair but cold with low cloud at the highest points, warmer as they decended into the valley. By early evening they had reached Middleton in Teesdale and purchased ready made spaghetti bolognese (from the cheap bin of course!) and some garlic bread which they realaised they weren't going to be able to heat, so they planned to eat it cold! They intended to press on a little further to find a suitable place to make camp before night.

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