Mar 8, 2008

Underneath the arches

I know you want to know about the arch screen. It should fit the arch behind the scaffold in photo. Well good news and bad news. In church today the screen is in and fits. Miracle? I hear you ask – ‘fraid not. It fits perfectly if positioned back to front!! Ah well, at least we know the problem. The problem is, it has been made backwards. So the glazing would be on the wrong side (dangerous if leant against) and the upright beams are the wrong profile. Never mind, the people who made it are coming on Monday to have a discussion (argument) about whose fault it is. I hope too long is not spent pointing fingers at each other, because really it just needs to be put right. We can always argue (discuss) later. One or two people have started offering sponsorship which is nice 6% of the target met and I’ve nearly a month before I set off.

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