Mar 9, 2008

Anniversary day

Only one week remaining in the parish hall for services. We will be moving into St Michael’s the week after next. It has become a real place of fellowship every Sunday morning at 8.00am. Before the fire 10.30am was the earliest time we met and the 8.00am was always seen as a stop gap measure until the restoration had taken place. There are at least four new people who attend the service who didn’t attend the 10.30am, so for them it will be especially strange. Life moves on and we are a pilgrim people so the feelings we have will illustrate that point well. I might use that analogy in a sermon sometime. I need to go and conduct the 10.30am at St Mary’s Throckley soon, but I leave you with a photograph of Gill and me cutting a cake at our silver wedding anniversary. Today is an anniversary day. Seven years to the day since I became vicar of Newburn.

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