Mar 6, 2008

Even the parish magazine editor has a hard hat!

Today holds another site meeting in St Michael’s Church, and I know it will be full of focussed (that means stressed in this context) people as the end draws ever nearer, and there are still formal procedures to go through.
I am sitting in my office this morning in a hoodie and without a dog collar feeling just like an archbishop! I must keep focussed on the day’s work as there is so much going on at the moment and I am easily distracted. I am now wondering if I should spell hoodie with a UU instead of a OO. Huudie is more like the Geordie spoken version but the spell checker does not like either. I will take some photos of the church progress when I am on site and let you see how much there still is to do. It will be great to say “I am off to Church, where is my bible?” rather than “I am going on site, have you seen my hard hat?” A few people have started sponsoring me for the big walk next month which is a good feeling but still a bit scary. Must be off and look for my hard hat!

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