Mar 4, 2008

Don't Panic

Yesterday I managed to walk about 18 miles before my afternoon meeting with the tea dance people to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. It really has taken off big time. There must have been around 50 people at the dance yesterday, all having a very good time and keeping fit in a fun way. My 18 mile walk was one of my desperate attempts to try and be a prepared as possible for my John o’groats to Land’s End jaunt which is only 32 days away. Today I have a meeting with the planning group to finalise the Edinburgh clergy conference which is only 28 days away. I have to allocate my % of panicking accordingly, so today the conference will receive more of my panic time than the walk. I nearly forgot the church opening which is only 18 days away, so maybe I should stress - panic about that as a priority! Apart from all the practical decisions that need to be made we need to make sure that when the church reopens after 2 years it is a good experience for the people in this community. I need to fill in an evaluation form now, as I have a feedback session this morning on the Leading from The Future programme, I have been working on for the past 18 months, designed to make me a better leader. I hope it has worked. The two photographs show the stage in the main hall of our conference centre in Edinburgh. you can see how much we have preparred, even measuring the craks so we don't lose even the smallest speaker!!

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