Mar 13, 2008

Only 22 days to the walk

Going into a printing factory for some publicity stuff for the John O’Groats to Land’s End walk, I was greeted with, “what does your mate, the archbishop of Canterbury, think he is doing?” I was innocently trying to get my hi-viz vest printed and all of a sudden I was called to give explanation as the what the archbishop was up too. My friend the printing factory owner is a good man and an excellent printer, but he felt that the archbishop’s comments about Sharia law, undermined his identity as a British Christian. The conversation went on and my printing was done but it made me realise that what people think you have said is as important as what you actually do say. Explanation following misunderstanding can sometimes make things worse. I must try and speak less and be clear, was the lesson I learnt. A nice photo of me and my mate, before I cut my beard and lost a bit of weight.

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