Mar 11, 2008

Archie can't walk on water

Yesterday I walked along the river Tyne and was struck by the high level of the tide. It was within around 20 inches from the top of the bank which is quite a bit higher than normal high tide. I was walking with Archie, the bull terrier and he seemed to be impressed as well. So impressed in fact, that he thought he could walk on the flotsam that had gathered by the river edge. He couldn’t, and plunged deep into the Tyne looking very shocked at his lack of walking on water ability. I’ll miss the dog while a travel the country on my trek, but no doubt there will be tales to tell when I return. Photo is of my wife with the bull terrier. Take a good look at Gill because she has cut her hair short and dyed it a dark, brown/purple colour. It looks very nice. The children in school thought she was a supply teacher. I’ll take a photo of her soon and let you see it. Only 11 days until we are allowed back in church. Only 24 days until a set of on my John O’Groats to Land’s End walk. I am off to quietly panic for the day.

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