Mar 20, 2008

Is the queen coming?

Yesterday someone asked me if the queen was coming to the church opening. I think they were impressed with all the activity in and around the church and the Parish Hall. Yesterday we had new tarmac laid at the church entrance and on the forecourt of the parish hall. It does look impressive. The work on the hall was kindly donated by Stephen Eastern Building, which is a real help to us as the old surface looked shabby. So it’s a big thank you to them, their kind generosity will help our community as it gets back to normal following the awful fire. All is now calm (yes it is) on the opening front. Confidence is rising for an excellent opening service and all the work is coming along well. There is still work to do, but I am sure the church will look great on Saturday at 11.00am. Hope you can come and look for yourself.

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