Mar 16, 2008

Don't Panic

Photo showing outside - looking good. Photo showing inside - still plenty to panic about. Gill has just come back from walking the dog. Sunday is the one day in the week when I don’t go as I need to sort things for my early morning service. Today Gill reports that she can hear lots of noise coming from St Michael’s church. Having the opening in 6 days time really seems to have focused the builders. The past few weeks have been a frenzy of activity to say the least. Today is the last day for services in the Parish Hall which is a shame in one way. We have worshipped in the cosy meeting room for the past two years and have become a bit of a family with a family.
Before the fire we did not have a 8.00am service, but rather than scrap it altogether we will have it once a month (First Sunday) to see how it goes in St Michael’s. Six people have joined the 8.00am congregation in the past two years; it will be a shock for them to move into the big church. I hope they stick with us – we shall see. This is the week I am expecting electricity and pews being installed. They will add so much to our opening service!!

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