Feb 15, 2008

Walking update

I see my old blog is up and running again. Click the link to Newburn Parish. I think I will stick to this one and leave the other one as it is. What you need to know is that I am planning a 1200 mile walk. The following is copied from my old blog site just to bring you up to date:

1200 Miles - Must be mad
Posted by John at 9:50 am, February 2nd 2008.
Still no further forward on the blog mix up, but – hey life goes on. The church seems to be stable again after a severe battering of circumstances all coming at once. The Diocesan Advisory Committee have agreed in principle to the new lighting scheme even though they have not seen the finished plan, which needed to be revised because of the £86,000 discrepancy between money available and system design. Bring back the days before electricity, I say, much simpler. The chancel arch painting is now approved following our PCC meeting last week where every comment was in favour of Ken’s design. It really is good having an internationally acclaimed artist in the parish. Check Ken out at www.kenreed.co.uk If you click on this link, then on the artist you will see a lovely photo of Ken at work. We are fast approaching the two year anniversary of the fire, and believe me I am ready for the restoration process to come to an end. It really is fortuitous that I am coming up to my 3 month sabbatical, I certainly feel ready to step back for a while. Walking 1200 miles will be a good way to relax and empty the mind of structural engineers reports, contractors questions and critical path analysis. The John O’Grotes to Land’s End route planning is complete and ready to be done. I have even booked the train tickets to John O’Grotes (Wick – for the rail purists – then taxi). Do you know it is only £1 extra to book return’s which would be a great help if I was coming back. £109 is the rail cost per person and it takes 10.5 hours. It’s all getting very close. I have even started some work on the sponsor forms, so that we can raise money for disadvantaged children in the North East. Sending children on holiday is a lovely thing to do and I will be pleased to raise all I can for adventure holidays.

I will be banging on about fundraising more as time gets nearer. For now you can check out my fundraising page by clicking on Sponsor my walk on my links


Sally said...

Great to find your blog John- may I add a link over at Eternal Echoes? Right now I'm trying to work out whether you are brave or mad!!!

John Sinclair said...

Thanks Sally. I have just enterered your world of Eternal Echoes and thingied the feed. So I can't wait for you to share more. Yes please to the link and mad I think. (and scared!!)

Sally said...