Feb 14, 2008

A right ding dong

I was talking to the security guard on the church yesterday and he told me he has been given his date for finishing which is good. I knew that going public with the date was the best thing to do. I can see it now, the first church opening where not just the biblically fashionable women are wearing hats, but we all are, hard hats that is!! I am now gearing our excellent social committee into action for the refreshments on the day. Everyone is excited. We had record numbers at our lent course last night, so the excitement is even breaking into lent. Big dilemma now is about the etiquette of ringing bells on Easter Saturday. Traditionally a no no, bells in Holy Week don’t seem to fit. Anyway I am sure much negotiating will take place between now and then. We have a St Michael’s Church Committee meeting tonight so we can start the discussion there. I have a retired clergyman in our parish and he says we should just ring them, and I think we probably should. Here is a nice photo of Amanda Taylor, one of our wardens, with the Taylor Family bell. Good eh!

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