Feb 16, 2008

No wonder I forget things

Do you ever feel as though everything is happening at once? For the past couple of years I have been planning the Newcastle Diocesan Clergy Conference which beginning on April 1st (No it’s not a joke). The saving grace is that I have an excellent team to work with and it is coming together well. It’s all the last minute detail that takes so much time. I have also been planning my John O’Grotes to Land’s End walk since 2005. That 1200 mile walk starts the day after the clergy conference. And now we have the church opening celebrations to organise just days before the conference. And you know what, I love it. I love all the busyness and planning and having my mind full of things day and night. I know that during my 11 week walk I will have lots of space to reflect and unwind, ready to come back and get on with parish life here in Newburn and in the deanery. This picture shows what the church is like at the moment. Still a long way to go, but faith and confidence are marvellous things. We will worry about that later. Today is Sunday and I must be off for the first service at 8.00am. Only 4 more weeks and then it's back to church.

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Cruella said...

Wow! Lurv the new blogspot. Nice n colourful and user friendly too. Good Luck with the walk John, altho I don't fancy u'r chances in ya little tent. Hope u'v got good thermals.