Aug 9, 2012

Lurking in the wall

Look what was found in the wall of our house this morning.  A bit of dampness has been around since we moved in.  Much worse with the recent rain - so investigations began - and look at this thing - amazing.  Tonight I'm off to Holy Trinity to do a boring talk on why Christians are so boring.  Any ideas?  

Oct 22, 2011

One week to new job

I am now counting down to my new role which starts on 30th October. I was on a training session yesterday where I learnt all about Cathedral life. It was about finance and buildings and mission and worship. It seems that anything done in a Cathedral is fair game for coming under the heading of mission - which I found very interesting.
The day before I was in York, learning how to accompany someone undergoing capability procedure process or the disciplinary process. As the legislation is all fairly new it is clear that there is a bit of confusion around. I went with Dagmar, who is a clear thinker and will be able to explain the bits I don't understand. We were a little distracted by the memorial service going on in York Minster, next door attended by the great and good as well as a lot of French dignitaries. I thought you might like the video I shot from the window.

Video did not work so here is a photo of my children. I must get the hang of uploading video soon.
Maybe I should consider changing my blog title when I start the new job, as strictly speaking I won't be a vicar. Then again, it is easy to remember.

Oct 2, 2011

Moved into the new house at the weekend.

Soon I will be breaking the trade descriptions rules as I won't strictly be a vicar, moving into my new post as advisor in local evangelism and residentiary canon of Newcastle Cathedral. Hey, buy you know what, I don't think I will be bothered about that as most people think anyone with a dog collar on is (either a dog) or a vicar - so that will do me and my blog name will stay the same until I think better of it. I am sitting at my desk at the minute wearing only my PJ bottoms which is not a good look for the new neighbours looking in who can only see me from the waist up. Maybe its time to look for the top before the neighbours get up.

anyway - here is the garden - a lovely site. PS I know its not the garden, but Roz's wedding, I could not find the picture I took of the garden on my new PC. Just like I can't find anything else in our new home!
Oh - I have now found the PJ top, just in case you were planning to pop around for an eyeful!

Aug 5, 2011

Holiday Company goes bust

Is it going to turn into a holiday nightmare - or another Sinclair / Dickenson adventure?This is us in Turkey last year - going for a repeat this year - we thought.

I love my holiday being planned way ahead. This years trip to Turkey was planned last summer. All going great until Aegean Flights went bust on Wednesday. We tried to book another and found some a little more expensive on the Internet but when it came to actually booking them they were 4 times the normal price. Someone taking advantage of peoples holiday misery and desperation. Well we were not falling for that. We have a cunning plan. We are now flying to the Greek Island Cos - staying there overnight and then taking the ferry to Turkey the next day. We cant book the ferry in advance so it's still all very exciting!

This is our seat
We want to be in our usual hotel, in fact our usual seats by the pool and now it looks like we will make it. Not sure how we will get home yet, but, hey! let's worry about that after a few days in the baking sunshine...
This is our table - Not that we are in any kind of rut you understand!

Jul 25, 2011

Newburn's Got Talent

It was last week at 'Newburn's Got Talent' the end of term show at the local primary school that I received a call from The Bishop of Newcastle telling me I had been successful in securing a new job. I was invited to become the Bishop's Advisor in Local Evangelism and Residentiary Canon of St Nicholas Cathedral. I watched the talent show with pride in the school where I am chair of governors, realising that I would leave all that behind in my new role.
Yesterday, the announcement was made to my three congregations which was a moving time of mixed emotions. Newburn Parish is a special place for me and the family, and when we move on in October it will be sad to leave them behind. It is made a little easier when I reflect on how much I feel, this new job is the one for me, even though it's all a bit scary, moving into the unknown. I am excited about the future and meeting new people at The Cathedral, where I will spend some of my time, new challenges and experiences are things I thrive on.
The above photo is not the interviewing panel, it is the judges from Newburn's Got Talent. There is so much to think about, as we plan the move to Jesmond, where we will live, so many goodbye's and loose ends to tie up. The main question is however, Can I still call the blog, the vicar's blog, when I am not a vicar?

Jul 6, 2011

The variety of a vicars life

This a shot from the recent Clergy Conference. 200 Vicars all in one room. See if you can spot any from the back of their head!
One of our talented church members knitted a delightful set of characters from The Royal wedding. I particularly liked the Archbishop of Canterbury. I think she has the likeness off to a tee.The second is some of the people at our latest tea time church. If only all services could spill out into the sunshine with a picnic tea.

Jun 6, 2011

The saga of the vicarage drains

Getting to the root of the problem has been the drain specialists task for most of 2011. Yesterday they decided that a hole needed to be dug in the garden to discover why the rainwater does not flow away and a lake forms at the front door.
As they dug deeper they discovered that there was no drain, just a pipe going nowhere. It looks as though the builders had ran out of time to finish the job and simply buried all the stuff needed to build a drain down a deep hole.

There were sacks of unopened gravel, brick and breeze blocks all discovered yesterday. Today the digging and drain search continues. It's all very exciting.
I hope the rain holds off!

May 28, 2011

The African experience

It seems hard to believe it was only 2 weeks ago when I returned from Botswana. So many good and interesting experiences. Jennie Jones and me plan to talk about our experience in church next Sunday 5th June in St Michael's at 9.30am and St Mary's at 11.00am. This is me after celebrating at the Holy Communion service in the Cathedral in Gabarone and below Fr Allan Marks, Vicar of Sheildfield and Audrey expressing themselves in a pentecostal manner.

May 27, 2011

Rest in peace - Archie

Its really quite a shock to report Archie's death. He went down hill so fast. We thought he had eaten something bad, but the vet advised us it was neurological. So hard to be without him.

Apr 16, 2011

Wedding Day

I have escaped into my office to stay calm and focus on the "Father of the Bride" speech. Today is the day our only daughter ties the knot. Roz is marrying Andrew later today and we are all excited. I thought you might like to see my wedding shoes - they will go great with the formal suit! I love em!

Mar 2, 2011

Arrived at last!!

At last I have made the big time. I turned up from meeting yesterday to find that my parking space at been reserved in my name which I thought was fantastic. See photograph. Not only that but I have been canonised at the same time and turned in the St Claire. Heaven on earth. Mmmm

Jan 19, 2011

Well trained Curate

Last week we all travelled to the far North of England to see Matthew installed as Vicar of Tweedmouth, Spittal and Scremeston. After three and a half years he is finally ready to take on the role of church leading. He seems to have started the same way I did with plenty of eating.

In this photo you can see the person talking to Matthew has been instructed to eat nothing, so as to leave more for Matthew. Of all the people in this photo you will see that Matt is the only one actually eating.

This is Margaret handing Matthew his breakfast Menu for the next day. It was given to her by the Churchwarden to pass on to Matthew without him realizing the plan to fatten him up.

In my experience parishes aim to increase the size of their vicar by 1 stone each year. They provide this kind of food to make sure that he gets bigger and bigger so he cant get out of the church and has to stay forever. I was only 7 stone when I was ordained and look at me now. I did manage to escape in 2008 when I walked from John o Grotes to Land's End and lost weight but now I'm back - well I'm addicted to parishioners kindness and cooking once again.

Jan 10, 2011

Adding plastering to my CV

Yet again I have amazed myself with my skill. Finding myself with a light weekend I took off to our friends home in the Lakes and did a bit of plastering. It all looks very rustic and pleasing to the eye. I am sure you will be impressed to know that the exposed beams were all covered when we started removing old ceiling boards and plaster. It will soon be ready for decoration and then relaxing in comfort.
None of this stonework is visible now. I know you are wondering if there is any end to my talent list. In between weddings and church services I am available for house renovations and general plastering work!!

Dec 2, 2010

Winter Wonderland

I love the snow. Feeling all christmassy already, its great. Everything seems to be at a standstill. Buses galore stuck on the road outside the vicarage. This is the drive - needs a major expedition to get off.
I am so warm and cosy in the house. I haven't been outside at all today and not even combed my hair! What a treat.
I love the cancelled meetings and all the unexpected time I have in the office. Getting caught up.

I cant remember seeing so much snow for so long since I was a child!

Nov 25, 2010

A lovely time in London

It was great to gather in the grounds of Westminster Abbey on Tuesday for the service before the new Synod. We gathered in diocesan groups before moving into the abbey where we waited for the Queen. Even the sky was dramatic. This was my first time in the abbey which made it all the more special. I was all dressed up in various bits and pieces which made us all look very grand.

I was impressed with what the Queen said in Church House, especially when she told us that "what matters is holding firmly to the need to communicate the gospel with joy and conviction in our society". The Queen went on to say, "For at the heart of our faith stand not a preoccupation with our own welfare and comfort but the concepts of service and of sacrifice as shown in the life and teachings of the one who made himself nothing, taking the very form of a servant".

I liked that a lot. I liked the was she quoted from Ephesians and wished God's blessing upon us.

The bit in the Abbey that made the hairs on the back of my head stand up was singing God save the Queen while looking at her. All in all it has been a great experience. The next royal excitement is the wedding. Can't wait.

I stayed in a hotel right next to the eye - which was very handy. I didn't have time or really in inclination to go on it.

A report to the last Synod concluded with St Paul’s encouragement to the Ephesian church to "lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, making every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace."

Archbishops and members of the Synod, the five years ahead will not always be straightforward. But I am confident that with the encouragement of these words of St. Paul and the certainty of the love of God, you will find the strength and the vision to work together to succeed. May the Lord’s blessing be on you as you embark on your important deliberations.

Nov 1, 2010

Lily Maria is born today

Another Sinclair in the world. Born this morning to Eldest Son John and his wife leanne. Lily weighed in at 8lb. Leanne recovering after a complicated labour and eventual cesarian section. Leanne is still in the delivery suite and not able to have visitors properly until tomorrow we hope. It really is great to be a granddad again

Oct 26, 2010

Matthew getting ready to leave

Its not long before Newburn Parish will say farewell to Matthew. The past three and a half years have flown by and now it's time for Matt to move on and become vicar of his own parish. In fact three parishes.
Here he is with the beautiful coastline which is one of his parishes in near Tweedmouth. Below is the parish church of Tweedmouth. We are having a farewell service at 11.00am on Sunday 12th December at St Mary's church Throckley followed by a bring and share lunch. A bus has been booked for the induction service in Tweedmouth which takes place a month later on 13th January 2011. Please remember Matthew and the people of Tweedmouth, Scremerston and Spittal in your prayers

Oct 16, 2010

My Desk - Oh! and I'm ill.

I thought you might like to see my desk, just in case you thought Matthew had pick up my habits. As you can see I am ill today. It's raining and I was due to be at a healing day, but I don't feel well enough. I need to save myself for tomorrow. The only thing out of place on my desk is throat spray. It's a good job I am a brave man, otherwise I might be making the most of my very serious cold.

This photo is enough to bring tears to your eye.

Oct 14, 2010

Curate on the move

Matthew is about to become Vicar of Tweedmouth, Scremistone and Spittal. I know is sounds like some ancient firm of solicitors, but it really is three parishes in the far North of the Northern diocese which is Newcastle.

For three years I have been training him how to keep a tidy desk.
I am not sure how effective I have been. These pictures are recently taken in Matthew's office on a good day.

He knows where everything is - so do I - Lost!

Aug 9, 2010

Sitcom or reality?

Yesterday I found myself in a church that so much resembled the one in sitcom 'Rev', in central London, I needed to take a photo so that I could check later it wasn't all a dream. This is the church in Sheildfield on the edge of the city centre of Newcastle.This is the Church

This is the congregation. 8 people and Alison the designated deacon at the back.

The congregation were really lovely and gave me tea and jaffacakes after the service. They were all happy to be have their photo on the internet. It was made all the more surreal as I had listened to me and Gill (Wife) being interviewed on local radio as I drove to Christ Church, about the TV sitcom Rev. Throughout the service I was expecting the archdeacon to come in through the doors at the end of the nave and complain about my radio broadcast.
It really is a great job being a vicar!