Aug 5, 2011

Holiday Company goes bust

Is it going to turn into a holiday nightmare - or another Sinclair / Dickenson adventure?This is us in Turkey last year - going for a repeat this year - we thought.

I love my holiday being planned way ahead. This years trip to Turkey was planned last summer. All going great until Aegean Flights went bust on Wednesday. We tried to book another and found some a little more expensive on the Internet but when it came to actually booking them they were 4 times the normal price. Someone taking advantage of peoples holiday misery and desperation. Well we were not falling for that. We have a cunning plan. We are now flying to the Greek Island Cos - staying there overnight and then taking the ferry to Turkey the next day. We cant book the ferry in advance so it's still all very exciting!

This is our seat
We want to be in our usual hotel, in fact our usual seats by the pool and now it looks like we will make it. Not sure how we will get home yet, but, hey! let's worry about that after a few days in the baking sunshine...
This is our table - Not that we are in any kind of rut you understand!

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