Jul 25, 2011

Newburn's Got Talent

It was last week at 'Newburn's Got Talent' the end of term show at the local primary school that I received a call from The Bishop of Newcastle telling me I had been successful in securing a new job. I was invited to become the Bishop's Advisor in Local Evangelism and Residentiary Canon of St Nicholas Cathedral. I watched the talent show with pride in the school where I am chair of governors, realising that I would leave all that behind in my new role.
Yesterday, the announcement was made to my three congregations which was a moving time of mixed emotions. Newburn Parish is a special place for me and the family, and when we move on in October it will be sad to leave them behind. It is made a little easier when I reflect on how much I feel, this new job is the one for me, even though it's all a bit scary, moving into the unknown. I am excited about the future and meeting new people at The Cathedral, where I will spend some of my time, new challenges and experiences are things I thrive on.
The above photo is not the interviewing panel, it is the judges from Newburn's Got Talent. There is so much to think about, as we plan the move to Jesmond, where we will live, so many goodbye's and loose ends to tie up. The main question is however, Can I still call the blog, the vicar's blog, when I am not a vicar?

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