Sep 13, 2009

Monday Morning and Dry Rot

Taking in the noonday sun in Ephesus.

8.30am today is pulling out the pews time. Yes the same pews we have spend the past few years replacing following the fire. The reason is extensive dry rot, caused by extinguishing water and new floors being laid on damp foundation. It really is a blow when it was looking like things could finally be called finished. Sound system loop needs to come out then the pews then the floor up - Rot removed. Then concrete in - floor down - pews in and sound system connected. Only 11 days to the festival so I hope we have employed speedy workers. The photo is me and Gill in Turkey, it gives me somethingpositive to focus on rather than the building issues which are a real pain. I have booked Turkey for a return visit next summer, in fact only 336 days to go. Back to the same hotel. Excited already!

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