Aug 17, 2009

Oh! it rained

Gill and I had a few friends around for BBQ at the weekend. It rained a lot and the garden was muddy but we had a good time. It was 3.00am when I got to bed after playing articulate with the young people. I did some hot dogs over an open fire on the homemade BBQ which was impressive to look at as you can see, and all the dogs were eaten, so success was claimed.

The bit with all the flames was the BBQ bit being lit, the more subdued section was the wood fire for the hot dogs. I built the whole thing myself, so I hope you are impressed.

This was Sunday morning in church. As you can see one parishioner thinks my sermon will be one mint long while the second thinks it will be two mints long. The third parishioner has put the whole bag on the pew, they must be expecting a marathon! Can you tell who it is by the skirt and sandal?

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