Apr 28, 2009

Neglected Blog

I have been diverted with far too much work recently to sit and let my mind wander into the reality of blog land but here I am. Since the last blog we have had Holy Week and Easter. The Sunrise service took me by surprise with 20 people turning up to worship before 6.00am. As promised the sun came up and made the service live up to it's name. Then we had more Easter Services and a wedding. Gill and I had a few days in London visiting the zoo and seeing Les miserables for the umpteenth time. It never lets you down. Then last weekend was Gill's 50th Birthday, and my big mistake was planning to go on a Cursillo weekend which overlapped with the special birthday. If you want to read more about my repentance then read the clergy comment in the parish magazine - also on the Newburn Parish Website. Below are some of my fellow Cursillo'ists. It was staffed by 18 people and six of us were participants, so as you can imagine there was plenty of leaders to go around. The idea is to be on a journey or pilgrimage, discovering more of who you are for yourself and for God and becoming more effective in loving others. The 18 leaders loved us a lot over the weekend which was fascinating. At a ratio of three to one you will begin to realise how much love we had coming our way.

The man in the front right of the photo is Father Allan from a neighbouring parish who I asked to go with me for company (and protection!). As you can see he is delighted to have his photo taken. The weekend features butterflies and rainbows and on the last day cockerels, oh and lots and lots of letters, called palanka, which fills your suitcase with love to take home with you. I think it will take me a while to open all mine as I have so much and there certainly was not time at the event to open it all. The photo below is Tracy. Tracy was great, she spoke in a real and honest way about her life and her Christian journey. The course would have been a lot worse without her. And she looked and talked just like Victoria Wood and she had a great sense of humour.

This last photo is the Birthday Cake. I think giving Gill a cake with a photo of me on it saved the day. It's great to be back to normality, and my wife as we get on with being old together.

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