Mar 1, 2009

Getting ready for 2012

This last week saw David diagnosed with Lung Cancer. The exact type is not known but we are told whatever it is bad. David is in good spirits but is in a lot of pain and spends his time lying on his bed. Last night we were in Hexham General hospital with further distressing symptoms. We got home around 2.20am and David seemed to be less distressed. Even though David is gravely ill and struggles to speak because of his paralysed voice box (another symptom) he finds time to sing during the times when his painkiller is working at it's best. He is taking a cocktail of drugs which has me confused never mind him. What we need at this time is some stability and pattern of living which is not leaping from crisis to crisis. Prayers would be appreciated. On a happier note David's daughter is pregnant and having a good early pregnancy. Laura and Lee seem happy in their expectant state and are looking forward to the baby coming along. I even think they have picked names. I'll keep you posted. The photographs of roadworks are the early stages of London being transformed for the 2012 Olympics which I took on Thursday when I was visiting the capital. This bit is to be a cycle track to help people get around. I am sure it will all be ready on time. But I always was a bit of an optimist!

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