Feb 20, 2009

Hospital Visiting

This past week I have covered over 300 miles transferring my brother David from one hospital to another. We have been in Wansbeck General Hospital, Hexham General Hospital and North Tyneside Hospital. David is struggling with his breathing and has undergone procedures to remove large amounts of fluid from his chest cavity, he has had CT scans, X rays, bronchoscopy and yesterday a CT guided biopsy. One one of my visits I took along my mother who made him some nice soft egg sandwiches. As you can see from the photo she also thought she should check they were OK for consumption. By the time they were given the all clear, they were gone! David could see I was photographing the events with my phone and agreed to me putting them on the Internet. As did my Mother, but she does not really know what the Internet is! We do not have a diagnosis yet, but I can see he is in a bad way. Prayers would be appreciated (for David) as would egg sandwiches (for my Mother).

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