Mar 23, 2009

Just me and Archie

There is something special about people when they can see you are going through a hard time. These past few weeks have taken their toll on life in our family, yet at the same time it has been heartwarming to experience the care and concern of many around us. All the work that didn't get done during David's illness is still waiting and would imagine it will wait a while yet. Today I have bought an inner tube for my pushbike and tomorrow I might find time to fit it and then even ride it. One of the great things about being the Vicar of Newburn is the easy bike riding up and down the river. Gill has gone back to work today so it has just been me and Archie in the vicarage (see above). He likes running alongside my bike so maybe we will both benefit from the bike being fixed and back on the road. This coming Sunday is Parish Communion with Archdeacon Geoff preaching so no sermon preparation for me this week. Yesterday was Mothering Sunday and Margaret stepped in for me which really was excellent. Yesterday was the first day I have not felt totally exhausted for ages.

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