May 7, 2008

They're in England!

Day 33 - Wednesday 7th May:
Although the weather has been excellent, today has been quite a hard one for the two Johns. Their way has been mainly on hilly ground and, as any walker will know, going up a hill then down a valley repeatedly is very tiring stuff! The route led them through the edge of Kielder Forest and also Byrness (Parish of Rev. Marion Penfold incidently). They boys are on fairly familiar ground now as they have completed many walks in Northumberland. They sent the Arch Deacon of Lindisfarne (Peter Robinson to you and me) a text message to let him know they were entering his Archdeaconry. Who knows, he may even join them for a few hours if his busy schedule permits!! Not much out of the ordinary to report today. The boys were charged £10 for a sandwich, a coffee and a slice of quiche, at a small garage on route!! Country prices? They did meet a couple who were walking the country, but in the opposite direction. However, they were taking slightly longer over it than the two Johns. They started at Land's End in 1975 (that's right, its not a typing error). They have been doing the walk in short stages ever since (apart from 2 years when they emigrated for a while), and they hope to complete the final stage by 2010!!! The boys have made camp by the river Rede just beyond Byrness; they'll probably have baked beans (79p from the garage!) and noodles for tea. They're both feeling pretty hungry today but they haven't got a lot of choice in their packs. Tomorrow their route lies along the Penine Way; they hope to camp at Bellingham tomorrow night.

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