May 6, 2008

The Border is in Sight

Day 32 - Tuesday 6th May:
The boys did indeed make it to Ancrum yesterday and found an excellent pub -The Coss Keys - where they were able to have something to eat. Ali, the Landlady there, soon found out all about their walk and then made it her business to ensure that all of her customers put some money in a pint pot to be donated to the Adventure Holiday fund on the justgiving sight. The kindness continued when local resident, Donald allowed the boys to put up their tents in his garden and gave them an open invitation to use any of his facilities. He even made them tea this morning to see them on their way. The folk of Ancrum certainly sound like a friendly bunch. The boys set off bright and early for Deer Street on the nicest morning of the walk so far. The weather continued warm and sunny until this evening when a bit of wind got up on the hills. Along their way they met some kindly people in a lonely house, who made them tea and gave them bottled water to take on their way. Also a friendly farmer driving his cattle along, who slammed on his breaks and reversed back to chat to them about the walk, after reading the signs on their back packs. They have made camp tonight, pretty much in the middle of nowhere, high on Deer Street. They are approximately 5 miles from Coquet Head and should cross the border into England, early tomorrow. After that their route lies pretty much along the Penine Way. If anyone is planning to join them over the coming week, I can try to get a message through for you, but I am only incontact with them for a short time early each evening. Further updates on position tomorrow if phone signals hold. Gill

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