Feb 25, 2008

Things are moving on well with the restoration of St Michael’s. The photo shows the wiring and heating elements which will heat the floor under the pews. The other picture is one of the highly skilled joiners adding the finishing touches to the new back door. The old one was hacked through by the fire officers gaining access to the building as the fire was raging. The past two years have been a roller coaster ride of problem and damage discovery followed by expert solution and planning. It will be strange when it is all over and we are back into using our beautiful building as a church rather than seeing at as the time consuming project it has been. I will miss not have contact with my project manager, site manager, structural engineers, and expert restorers. We have become a bit of a family. Still, I can’t wait for 11.00am on Saturday March 22nd and our grand opening. Join us if you can or pop in anytime that afternoon until 4.00pm when we will be open to visitors.

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