Feb 9, 2008

Sunday in the vicarage

Sunday morning is here again. This is the day everyone thinks is the day I work. The truth is that apart from services and perhaps a visit or two very little work gets done on a Sunday. This Sunday is the day I am going back to my previous parish. I was vicar of Longbenton from 1996 until 2001 and it was a good 5 years. The people of Longbeton are celebrating the 50th year of the church there, which is quite a contrast to this parish where there has been a church building since the year 600 and the present building dates back to 1170. The people of Longbenton are honest and strightforward. I remember the first person who approached me when I walked into the church hall, she said, "are you the new vicar then? - you look a bit dirty to be a vicar" I was impressed by her stright talking. When I explained I had been doing things in the garden, she just said, you still look too mucky to be a vicar, and walked off. Wel I must go as I have the 8.00am service to do here before I set off for the 10.00am at Longbenton. This photo is what I usually do on a Sunday.

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