Oct 22, 2011

One week to new job

I am now counting down to my new role which starts on 30th October. I was on a training session yesterday where I learnt all about Cathedral life. It was about finance and buildings and mission and worship. It seems that anything done in a Cathedral is fair game for coming under the heading of mission - which I found very interesting.
The day before I was in York, learning how to accompany someone undergoing capability procedure process or the disciplinary process. As the legislation is all fairly new it is clear that there is a bit of confusion around. I went with Dagmar, who is a clear thinker and will be able to explain the bits I don't understand. We were a little distracted by the memorial service going on in York Minster, next door attended by the great and good as well as a lot of French dignitaries. I thought you might like the video I shot from the window.

Video did not work so here is a photo of my children. I must get the hang of uploading video soon.
Maybe I should consider changing my blog title when I start the new job, as strictly speaking I won't be a vicar. Then again, it is easy to remember.

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