Jan 19, 2011

Well trained Curate

Last week we all travelled to the far North of England to see Matthew installed as Vicar of Tweedmouth, Spittal and Scremeston. After three and a half years he is finally ready to take on the role of church leading. He seems to have started the same way I did with plenty of eating.

In this photo you can see the person talking to Matthew has been instructed to eat nothing, so as to leave more for Matthew. Of all the people in this photo you will see that Matt is the only one actually eating.

This is Margaret handing Matthew his breakfast Menu for the next day. It was given to her by the Churchwarden to pass on to Matthew without him realizing the plan to fatten him up.

In my experience parishes aim to increase the size of their vicar by 1 stone each year. They provide this kind of food to make sure that he gets bigger and bigger so he cant get out of the church and has to stay forever. I was only 7 stone when I was ordained and look at me now. I did manage to escape in 2008 when I walked from John o Grotes to Land's End and lost weight but now I'm back - well I'm addicted to parishioners kindness and cooking once again.

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