Apr 22, 2010

Apple are number 1 in my 5 a day

On Sunday I was at a conference and could not resist the chocolate eggs scattered on the buffet table. I carefully put several in my pocket for later and forgot all about them. I was shocked later to find my iphone covered in melted chocolate - what had i done. I wiped it and liked it as clean as I could but alas some of the chocolate was inside the charging slot. The phone kept telling me that the appliance I was plugging into the phone was not compatible with the iphone.

It was not clever enough to work out it was chocolate!

The mike no longer worked - very sad news. I was making calls and no one could hear me. I rang apple and confessed all. I said I thought heating up the phone might help.

They said no - don't do that - poke it with a pin instead. Much poking later and still no joy. Back on the phone to apple. They made me an appointment in the Newcastle Apple store that same day. I was then presented with a new phone - even though the old one was out of warranty. How good is that for service? So I love apple - a great product and a great service.
Just don't mix it with melted chocolate!

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